Summer is definitely over…


Summer is definitely over; not just in terms of the weather but also in terms of summer holidays. I came back to Manchester just before fresher’s week so that I would have some time to catch up with friends before my lectures start again.

As I told you in my last post, I have spent most of my summer completing my internship in Hamburg and I had a great time while I was there. The working hours were quite flexible – I had to be there for the core hours between 9am and 4pm but most times I decided to come in early so that I could leave work early on Fridays. My colleagues were really helpful and besides completing daily tasks like writing orders, contacting vendors and booking transactions, I’ve mainly worked for the person in the procurement department who was responsible for procurement controlling. In the last few weeks I’ve also supported the external consultant in data cleansing in SAP.

I went home every other weekend to meet up with friends and we went to parties, went shopping and went to some events in Hamburg, like the “Dom” which is a large fair with dozens of rides and food stands that takes place three times a year.

At the first weekend of September I’ve also helped out at an agricultural fair for two days.

At the agricultural fair

At the agricultural fair

Before I came to Manchester I was the State Vice President of the Rural Youth of my state and each year we sell waffles, organize events for kids and welcome former members and officials to talk about our youth work at that fair. Because helping out on the fair was voluntary I also helped out at the big party that always takes places the Saturday of the fair to earn some money for the start of the year. No need to tell you what a pain it was to get up on Sunday morning after just three hours of sleep and altogether about 17 hours of voluntary and paid work on Saturday. It was still a lot of fun and a good opportunity to meet people I don’t see very often any more.

I thought that coming to Manchester early would spare me having a stressful start like last year with all the events that have taken place for the fresher’s during welcome week but that definitely wasn’t the case at all. I’m on the committee of the Model United Nations (MUN) society and the MBS International Society so there were several meetings I had to attend. I’ve helped out at the MUN stall at the societies fair and went to meetings with the exchange students who’ll be in Manchester this year. It’s a good way to receive first-hand information from students who attend the American universities I would like to go to for my third year and talk to MBS students who have just returned from their year abroad.

Helping out at the MUN stall at the societies fair

Helping out at the MUN stall at the societies fair

The first week of lectures is already over and after I’ve swapped some modules throughout August I think I will stick with the ones I am currently taking. I’ve chosen 4 accounting/finance modules, Statistics, Further Business French and American Society & Economy. The last one is compulsory for IMABS students and I took Further Business French as part of the 20 international credits we also have to take.

Some of my lectures are really small with only about 60 students and there are only 8 students in my French class so that’s a big change from first year. The pace is a lot faster than last year as well and unlike first year, this year counts towards our degree classification.

I was quite satisfied with my grades last year and I even got an overall mark of 100 % in one of my modules which was an absolute surprise and a first overall. I hope to keep up with this.

I hope you all had a great summer and a good start at MBS despite the bad Mancunian weather at the moment.


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