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Moving to Manchester

So I recently moved 6,630 miles, 14 hours flight away from home to a new foreign place. Manchester is very different from where I came from, Malaysia and it took me some time to get used to it but with university going on and meeting tons of new people, I have soon settled down and begin to feel more at home here.

I came to Manchester with one main objective, which is to learn. I am studying Accounting. To learn not just about the degree I am currently pursuing, but about the places here, the people, the culture, everything and anything that’s interesting. I’m ready to experience what Manchester has to offer and look forward to learning new things everyday. My first month here has been really productive, from lectures, to networking events, social events, drinking my first pumpkin spice latte, struggling to figure out how the blackboard works and running after buses. It feels amazing to be doing all these alongside my partners-in-crime.

Here are some photos which might better describe my time here:

Manchester buildings

When I first saw the university the first thought that came to mind was “Wow, it looks better here than it does in photos” it was beautiful and I’m so glad I’ll be spending 4 years (hopefully) here.

Networking event

Another new experience for me would be the networking event. A networking event is where you get to talk to future employers, get an insight of what the company is like and ask questions about the company by talking to people from different departments over some drinks and light snacks, it was definitely very informative and helpful especially if you’re interested in doing a placement year during your degree. I heard about this event through the accounting society because who else would know better about events like these if not the accounting society?

Chinese food in a cup

Chinese food in a cupOne more thing that might seem really silly but got me so excited about moving here is that they have CHINESE FOOD IN A CUP. Back home, we serve Chinese food on plates or in a bowl and the only Chinese food in a cup you will see is on TV when an American orders take out, but here I finally got to eat Chinese food out of a cup and it is something worth talking about. Last but not least, here are some photos of Manchester that I took during my stay here.

It has been a great first month here and I am hoping the months to come will be even better and full of new ‘Firsts’


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