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Hello and welcome to Manchester for all new students and as for returning students, welcome back!

Having settled accommodation before I flew home in late July, I arrived back just in time for welcome week. Welcome week is a positive target on freshers for university societies and events as a majority of them are fresh from the A-Levels bandwagon and are ready to put their foot in the door and try out lots of new things. As for me, I decided to help out my ultimate frisbee club, Halcyon, at the sports fair that is almost always on the Tuesday and Wednesday of welcome week. If you are planning on coming here next year, be sure to check out Halcyon!


Ultimate frisbee is considered as a mix of American football (for scoring in the end zone) and netball (for not being able to run with the disc). In simpler words, it is a fun, non-contact sport that is easily picked up by beginners. I myself started as a beginner in late November of my first year! It is without a doubt the best decision I made in my first year at university. Gaining so much experience in the sport and meeting new friends from all over UK who share the same passion. I am also proud to be a part of the sport when it was recognised by the International Olympic Committee on 2 August 2015. That was a very memorable day for the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF), the international governing body for all flying disc sports including ultimate frisbee.

Last weekend on the 17th and 18th of October, I hosted the annual Manchester Beginner’s tournament. We had teams coming from Sheffield, Loughborough, Staffordshire, Warwick, Newcastle, York and even Ireland! Coming in 3rd place was Flying Aces 2 (from Staffordshire University), 2nd place Loughborough 1, and in 1st place The Hammeroids (one of the four Manchester beginner teams)!

Halcyon players starting a point on defense as they pull the disc. A pull is the first throw off to start a game or a new point. Experience players are required to wear a cap or a hat in beginner tournaments and to make it fair, both teams on the pitch can only have one experience player on at all times.


A Manchester beginner player, Ben (in white) jumping high for a big defense against the opposing team.

I am proud to say that the tournament was a success. My first time as a tournament director, I had no idea how stressful it can be! But I wouldn’t have been able to run this tournament without the help from the other Halcyon committee members. I am so grateful for them.

Finishing the fourth week of university, I am sorting out several placement applications so watch this space for some hopefully useful advice in the next few months!


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