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It’s that time of year once again 😀

As I mentioned in my previous blog, the beginning of December was due to be a bit chaotic, with the numerous coursework deadlines and presentations we had to do before finishing up for the holidays. Nevertheless, we all got through it in one piece and it was all worth it so that we could all take a nice rest.

Luckily for me, this December has been one of the mildest on record, which allowed for a stress-free journey back home to Northern Ireland, where I spent my holiday break with family and friends. It was lovely being back home seeing everyone I had missed and getting to have a good catch up with them. I especially enjoyed having the home comforts again, like mums home cooking, constant heating, TV and other things a student budget typically doesn’t allow for. I really enjoyed my time at home and had one of the best Christmas’ to date.

I returned to Manchester just in time for New Year’s Eve, where I spent the night with a few friends from uni. We all had a fantastic time together.

After New Year, I chose to stay here in Manchester so I can get on top of all my revision, which is going pretty well so far, but I expect to pick up the pace in the coming days. As of now I have been revising on my own, but a few course mates are also returning again in a few days, so we plan to make study groups, which should help us a great deal, as I often find talking things over with someone else highlights topics you need to spend more time revising. Many of our lectures have arranged revision classes that fall a few days before the related exam, so this also is a great opportunity to review tricky topics.

It’s also that time of year many future students get around to building their UCAS applications and start focusing on the summer exams.

A great tip when it comes to revision is to practice using past paper exams. This allows you to become familiar with the style of questions asked. Once you have tried a few, check it against the marking scheme, to see if you’re answering it correctly and also see how long you spent doing it. I use to find I wasted time writing out long detailed answers, when really the required answer was a few “right to the point” sentences.

When apply through UCAS, be sure your personal statement reflects upon you and your achievements well. It’s your one chance to market yourself to the university and it’s the first impression they will have of you. Good luck.


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