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Sun is shining over Manchester: students sit outside on every single plot of grass they find, the owner of the ice cream truck on campus is making business like never before and can probably retire already, and the pubs are crowded as if it was St Patrick’s Day and the Champions League final every day. It’s like no one cares about revision, except for me and the other pale people around me in the library, who all share the building as a massive sunblock. The closest thing to sunlight we get is the light from the computer screens. At least my eyes feel a bit sunburnt.

So it is that time of the year when the allergy is a pain and you have to bring three packs of tissues with you to the library to last an entire day. I feel like I am on track, since I have been revising for quite a while now, but second year is definitely harder than first year, because it feels like I there is nothing like “revising too hard”.

I’m still alive!

I’m still alive!

Study groups make revision much easier

Study groups make revision much easier

Exams are near. They have already set up tables and chairs at Sugden Sports Centre.

Exams are near. They have already set up tables and chairs at Sugden Sports Centre.

I will just have to power through till June, then I’ll have two weeks of summer; one of the weeks on sunny beach in Marbella (yes, I booked a holiday while I was procrastinating), and the other week just to get extremely high cholesterol from all snacks my family stores at home. Even Digestive becomes a luxury good for a student at some point. After that, off to London for 11 weeks (extended from 8 weeks) of work in the City. I can already sense it: it’s going to be a great summer!

With my plans set until September, I find it a lot more difficult to stick to my revision plan. Well, it’s not really a revision plan. More like a coloured A4-sheet with some motivational quotes from famous youtube-clips on it.

I know this blog post was slightly boring. You probably think that I don’t have any friends. That is not true. As the matter of fact, they are all here sharing this amazing experience with me, revising 12-18 hours a day. That’s the life of a student in May, I guess.


Peer Mentor: After two quite comprehensive workshops, I can title myself as an MBS peer mentor. I will be mentoring some of you freshers next year!


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