Reflecting on the first semester


With the first few weeks of the second semester already over, I’ve come to realize how quickly my first year at Uni has gone by. After the stress of exams, the atmosphere at Uni has been rather relaxed. Over the past few days, I have been reflecting over my first semester at Uni. It just feels like yesterday when a nervous me arrived in Manchester for the first time, not aware of what to expect. However, the first semester has been an amazing experience. This city is truly amazing. The food, the diversity, the people, the sports; Manchester has something or the other for everyone.

A few weeks after the Exams, we received our Results. I managed to score an overall 2:1; however, I am slightly disappointed with myself, as I believe I could have done a lot better. On the other hand, I had two major events this month; the WhatNext Conference and the BUCS Badminton Nationals in Sheffield. It was a bit difficult to manage the two as they were both on the same weekend. However, they were both great fun. I did not have any luck in the Badminton Nationals as I lost to a lad from LSE; however, the WhatNext Conference turned out to be an absolutely amazing experience. The WhatNext conference was quite a diverse conference as it attracted people from across the country. The speakers also shared some really insightful stories.

As the second semester progresses, me and a few of my course mates have started looking for accommodation for next year. We are planning to move into a private student hall instead of a house, as you can meet a lot of new people, and it is less of a hassle. I would recommend all applicants to stay in Uni Halls of Residence in their first year. It really makes Uni a much more fun experience.

Most of the applicants joining next year might have already received their offers. I would proudly recommend Manchester as it has a very good academic reputation, and is also a great place to live. Moreover, the city is home to thousands of students, so it creates a really good vibe; not to mention the student discounts you get everywhere you go.


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