Reading week already


Wow, one and a half months have passed since university officially started and it’s already reading week, which means that we don’t have any lectures or seminars for one week. I will try to get as much work done as possible but since my sister and her boyfriend are coming to visit me, we will travel around Manchester and also go to London and Glasgow.

Routine is slowly kicking in: I don’t need to look at my schedule every day in order to find out what courses I have, I know which bus to get to Fallowfield or Piccadilly and it doesn’t take me 10 minutes to find books in the precinct library (the library for MBS undergraduates) any more. The libraries are quite intimidating when you go for the first time but the staff are always there to help you and it does not take long to get used to the system.

Manchester Town Hall

Manchester Town Hall

The Printworks - Manchester city centre

The Printworks – Manchester city centre

I have also gotten into my habit of studying, which took me a couple of weeks so don’t worry if you don’t figure out in week one how to manage your workload: reading, homework questions, seminar work, essays and so on. At first the work is a little overwhelming but with some time management there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get good grades and still have time to meet your friends or join societies or sports clubs. I joined the Model United Nations (ManMUN) at the beginning of this month because I have always been interested in politics and international affairs and thought that it sounded really interesting.

Saturday afternoon is reserved for softball practice. It is a really great sport and I have been told that it is similar to cricket – since I have never seen a cricket game I can’t say anything about that. But unlike most people think, the softball is really not that soft; after one week of walking around with a black eye, I can confirm that 100%.

I really enjoyed the Halloween party at Hulme Hall because I have been a huge Halloween fan since my year in the US and it is not celebrated hugely in Germany. I went there with a friend from my course and they had pumpkin carving, a game of life Cluedo and the obvious fancy dress.

Of course I don’t only go out; I still attend lectures and seminars. Even though I never really liked economics in school it is now one of my favourite modules and I think this may be due to our lecturer ‘Reza’. Sometimes he gives students £5 for really good answers and you will definitely learn about all the ‘beautiful curves’ how Reza likes to call them. He is an excellent lecturer and you might also get as lucky as me and have a lecture with him next year.


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