One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things


One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

This time last year I was a new student of Manchester Business School and a new citizen of Manchester. Looking back always brings a smile on my face because I remember my first days at the University and compare them with the new oncoming adventures of the second year of my studies.

You are offered more than course lectures… There was no fear or feeling of uncertainty when I entered my first lecture, only excitement and enthusiasm. My academic advisor happened to be my Program Director as well, which offered me the opportunity to learn much more about the university itself, its structure and the various links with other student services which continues to develop. I was amazed to find out about the nightline service that the University offers, about the Alumni Association and how it sponsors different events, about the Careers Service which truly dedicates itself to improving the students’ chances of succeeding in their professional life by supporting them outside their lectures and classes. I attended workshops explaining these services’ functions and importance and quickly reached the conclusion that University of Manchester represents an environment itself for the personal development of its students.

This year, I decided to fully benefit from its services by getting help with my applications, but also offer back as a gesture of gratitude and join the Teaching and Learning Support Office as a peer mentor for the first year undergraduates starting this month.

Still, studying represents a priority…

As an IBFE student, I had contact with a variety of course units and managed to discover a wide range of interdisciplinary studies since this is the main focus of my course. Last year, most of my courses were mandatory, having had only the choice to study Politics as an optional during the first semester.

I believe I made the best decision considering that the course has been a stepping stone for my Digital Innovations module held in the second semester. At the end of the first year, I had not only a well-rounded picture of the financial and business world, but also a social and political perspective of the current and past issues which shape our reality. This year, I chose to focus on finance and business modules, but decided to add an improvement in my foreign language department and decided to study German further. However, just as I did last year, I split my 120 yearly credits equally for both semesters and my work load does not go over 18 hours of classes and lectures per week. Nevertheless, since studying does represent a priority, individual study is a must if one chooses to pursue the pathway to a successful career.

The student life at University of Manchester is an unforgettable experience meant to shape your future steps towards a successful career. Look forward to my next articles, if you wish to find out about fun places to visit around Manchester and discover how unique this city actually is or if you would like to hear about the time-consuming but well-worth it applications to do a summer internship.


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