One word to characterize the month of November: SENSATIONAL


I have only one word to characterize the month of November: SENSATIONAL

As you all know, the month started with Reading week during which, unlike other years when I actually got the time to do some reading, I actually did nothing school related. Instead, I took the time to properly welcome my parents to rainy Manchester. After having given them the tour of Manchester and luckily, managed to attend the Switch-on Xmas lights event in the city center, all of which left them very satisfied with my lifestyle, we took the train to Windermere, located in the Lake District area. Showing them the North of the UK was my plan from the beginning and I am happy that together with them, I also got to discover more about the natural wonders of the place I have been residing in for the past three years. Therefore, my parents got to experience the whole English breakfast and the deliciously homemade traditional pies together with the typical cold and rain of the season. They left very enchanted by what they have seen within only one week. I will be waiting for them once again to visit me when it’s time for graduation.

Windermere by day

Windermere by day

Shortly after my parents’ departure I have also taken my vacation time, this time together with my friends, as we all decided to meet in Brussels for a city break. Now, when you say Brussels, you say Belgium and when you say Belgium, you say CHOCOLATE! It’s been a lovely time spent with them, as for some of my friends, it’s already been a year since I had not seen them. After my trip to Brussels, I decided to go for two days to Bremen, Germany. This small place reminded me of my hometown in Romania, but with one small difference, my hometown is definitely safer than Bremen. Nevertheless, it is here where I truly felt the Christmas spirit for the first time this year while window shopping.

Atomium by night

Atomium by night

The 17th of November marks the end of my adventure as I returned to the UK tired but with many happy moments to remember. Since then, I have been very involved in my performance at the university and have been studying most of the time to be on track with the material taught in lectures.

The only thing I should add is that I am anxiously waiting for December and spending Christmas with my family and friends.


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