Off to Hamburg…


June mainly evolved around finishing my first year at university and of course the European Soccer Championship in Poland and the Ukraine.

My last exam, Quantitative Methods, was on June 6th and as everybody was waiting in front of the Academy, where he had to take the final, we were all just talking about how fast the first year has flown down and we were counting down the minutes until freedom began. For me the exam was fairly easy as I’ve done most of the topics in school already and I had gotten a good grade in the two assignments for the course as well so I was fairly relaxed as I went in to the exam hall. Not to mention the thrill of anticipation for 15 weeks of vacation.

Afterwards I went to the Printworks with a friend and we ate at an American Diner and went to the movies afterwards. When I came back to my hall in the evening I had to finish packing since my plane left at 2 o’clock the next day. I really thought I hadn’t bought many things during the last nine months but as it turned out my perception was completely wrong. I stored three boxes with a storage company and gave some other things to a friend and then it was time to say “Bye, Bye Manchester, I’ll see you in September”.

I started my internship on June 18th and in the week prior to this I met lots of friends and of course watched the soccer matches of Germany against Portugal, Denmark and the Netherlands which we all won. It’s always nice to see so many people in black, red and gold (colours of our flag) and everybody celebrating our national team.

Unfortunately we lost to Italy in the semi-final but we’ll have two more years to practice for the World Championship 😉

For the internship I moved to Hamburg because I simply live too far away. I work with Holcim (Deutschland) AG, a public ltd company which is one of the biggest producers of building materials in the world and trades in dozens of countries on the globe You might know it under “Aggregate Industries” in the United Kingdom.

I am working in the procurement department and since many employees take vacation during the summer I have lots of things to do so I work as a substitute for them and also do some project work. I will work here until the end of August and then have about two weeks of vacation before returning to Manchester. I’m just hoping for some sunny and warm days then so that I can enjoy the weather at the beach.


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