October – Reading week


There is nothing better to say about this month other than the fact that is has gone in a blink. End of October already marks the beginning of the Reading Week which I am really looking forward to but also dreading because of the actual reading that I have to do.

My time at the university so far has been quite busy as the course units I have chosen to study are rather technical and quite demanding when it comes to the time I have to invest in studying the proposed topics. However, as I am in my final year, that was to be expected. As in my previous years, I have continued to study a mix of finance and economics modules as I find that they nicely blend with each other and could potentially improve my career prospects. My main focus this semester is on international Finance and Macroeconomics IIIA.

With so much time spent studying, organizing my timetable became quite a challenge itself, but I still managed to prioritize my work nicely and besides the academic, I also started working part time as a research analyst for a small UK company. This definitely enhances my skillset and gives me something else to occupy my mind with besides reading too much into empirical evidence of X theory.

Last but not least, I finally joined the gym and made a commitment of going to classes and swimming at least four times per week. This definitely helps my mind and my body relax after long days of sitting in the library. Other than that, I can say that I am going out less these days than I used to do in the previous years, but whenever I do, I try to make the most of it.

One thing I can promise is to make the November article more interesting as I will be doing some travelling in a few weeks’ time and will bring back some nice stories to talk about. Meanwhile, I wish you all have a lovely reading week! Study smart and party more!

P.S. I forgot to mention it, but I finally got to see myself featured in the AMBS booklet. Here is a preview:

Denisa featured in the AMBS booklet

Featured in the AMBS booklet


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