November – N(M)ovember!


Pick up the phone!

November is definitely the month when picking up the phone became crucial for me if I wanted to get the good news. Last month I was telling you more about the balance that I would like to strike between my university workload and the time consuming application processes for summer internships. This month, even though I am still doing the same thing and also went through two intense weeks at university: handing in several assignments and sitting a mid-term test in Econometrics, I have started reaping some of the results after my hard efforts of the previous month. Therefore, I had my first round of interviews at several companies which I applied at and was also given the great news of the possibility to attend the next stage of their recruitment process: the assessment centre. This is one of the moments when I relish my happiness with you, my readers, and gladly share the intermediary outcomes of my ambitious plans to succeed.

Remember, Remember…

Fireworks – Platt Fields Park on Guy Fawkes Night

Fireworks – Platt Fields Park on Guy Fawkes Night

On a different note, November was full of various activities for me: from having attended two of the Romanian Society’s social events and three of my friends’ birthday parties to planning a short escapade to London to meet my friend from Paris and vote for the new President of my home country and organising another possible, soon to be happening journey to Leeds to meet one of my good old friend there. I could say that once the fireworks on Guy Fawkes Night brought light to the darkened sky and the Christmas Lights were turned on in the City Centre, the holiday spirit gave me enough energy to handle such a month of weekly deadlines and events. This only proves that Manchester is once again the perfectly animated city for the student community. At the end of the month I can only look forward to winter holidays and keep the spirit alive for the following weeks while at University.


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