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The only time I realise winter is coming is when I look at my wardrobe and get a slight chill from the weather outside as I still have my summer clothes on display.

Autumn can only be described as the busiest season in banking which for me meant getting more involved in client work, seeing more clients and creating the business development plan for 2018. My calendar is also definitely getting an upboost from the year end off-sites, Xmas parties and leaving drinks so planning is key now. Before launching onto the highlights of my month, perhaps it is worth picking up from where I left. I recently found out I will be staying in the corporate world but heading into the strategy team which is responsible for the UK coverage teams in London and across the UK. Official start date is 4th of December and to mark the change of roles, I will be doing a three-day city break in Stockholm and fully disconnect. Watch this space for my next article covering my time in Stockholm and the new role.

In the meanwhile, the highlight of the month consisted of the opportunity to attend the Oxford Saïd Business School Intrapreneur Lab after having been selected as one of the final teams to access the Barclays Social Innovation Facility. The event consisted of a three-day intensive accelerator experience to fundamentally pivot the idea and successfully pitch it to the business so as to later launch it in the market. Learning from seasoned start-up founders and executives offered me a teaser into what an MBA would be like and it very much appealed to me to the extent that I am looking to explore it in the future.

I also tried out pigeon clay shooting at the Bisley shooting range which I am going for again at the end of November. Surprisingly, I can hit more than 50% of the targets which is all down to eye-hand coordination (or so say the instructors, I think I may just be lucky).

I will leave you with one last tip, you have to try Smokestak in Shoreditch, and the best smoked pork meat I’ve had in a while. Also, the below picture captures the ACT Dinner  – participated as Barclays delegates in London…. Until next time 🙂


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