November – Frozen!


Temperatures in Manchester are going below 0 degrees. It is even predicted to snow one of these days. Despite the chilling weather, November has been rather eventful. With the mighty MBS Ball to a chance to watch my favourite footballer, the past thirty days have been fabulous.

The month started off with a trip to the London offices of RBS ESSA, representing Manchester Entrepreneurs. ESSA are sponsors of the society and had invited two representatives from each society they sponsor to attend a workshop focusing on boosting society performance. It also turned out to be a great opportunity to network with other society representatives from around the UK and discuss the challenges they are facing.

Another highlight of the month was the MBS Undergraduate Ball! Tickets sold out in a record two days, but I luckily managed to get my hands on them. Guaranteeing to be one of the best events of the year, the MBS ball did not disappoint.

Straight from the famous MBS Ball photobooth

Straight from the famous MBS Ball photobooth

Argentina versus Portugal friendly at Old Trafford

Argentina versus Portugal friendly at Old Trafford

Argentina versus Portugal friendly at Old Trafford[/caption]Being a massive Messi fan, I had the privilege of watching him play live against Portugal in a friendly match at Old Trafford. Apart from Messi, I was also able to witness the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Old Trafford and the genius of Di Maria.

With December around the corner, I’ll be heading back to India after a short vacation to Paris. I’ll be carrying all my books back with me, considering the sheer volume of work I need to complete. However, I am looking forward to India and its warmer winter.


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