November 2012 – Sean H


With Halloween and reading week done and dusted, it was time to dive straight back into the hectic life of an ITMB student and boy has it been hectic!!

I had planned to spend reading week focusing my attention on applying for those ever daunting placements, but found myself too preoccupied by the luxuries of home. How I miss it. Since then however, I have applied to a handful of others, such as Cisco Systems, IBM and I’m currently working on a few others. But, it’s fair to say I’m feeling a little anxious playing the waiting game, as others on the course are receiving invitations to assessment centers! Not that I’m remotely jealous as I hear they can be horrendous. I think the delay in company responses shall allow me time to perfect my self-marketing skills.

They always say the workload builds after reading week, which it did. I’d say for every week throughout November we’ve had at least two deadlines. One of the toughest pieces of work we we’ve received yet was for our System Investigation Methods module. The coursework was group based, and we were told to come up with three hypotheses, on why individuals would or would not accept smart readers in the their homes. These are basically devices that allow utility companies to control who can use electric during peak times in order to reduce power surges/shortages, the need to generate surplus electricity and therefore reduce cost etc. Sounds easy enough? We then had to develop a questionnaire that needed to extract all the right information in order to prove our hypotheses right or wrong. With all our data collected, we then had to extensively analyse it using statistics to create various charts illustrating relationships and correlations, something not many of us had used before. On reflection the work was rather interesting, but at the time we all found it rather stressful to deal with. Nonetheless, we now find ourselves using the skills learnt during this task and applying them to our Business Team Projects, as this too requires vast analysis of data.

With the increasing demands, I can see not only myself but my course mates too, growing ever more adaptable and confident with new situations. I am thoroughly pleased with my choice of course, and strongly recommend anyone who is thinking of doing ITMB at University, to make sure they choose Manchester! You will not find a friendlier bunch than us and with our legendary socials you are definitely missing out if you don’t…


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