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This post is going to be all about food, so if you’re hungry, look away! With the weather getting colder, my friends and I are always looking for somewhere nice and cosy to have a meal or a cup of hot coffee. So these are a few of my favourite places in Manchester.

1. Takk

Located in the norther quarter, it is a great place for coffee (they have great iced coffee!) and they serve really nice brownies. If you walk in on a weekday, you can see people working away on their computers, so if you’re looking for a place to hang around for a few hours and get some work done, this is the place for you. The playlist is a plus! 

2.  Trof 

A friend and I visited Trof for lunch and ordered the smoked mackerel with poached eggs & spinach on sourdough toast and the chorizo hash with poached eggs. It was really good and i strongly recommend it if you are getting tired of the traditional English breakfast and want to try something different. 

3. Moose Coffee 

Famous for their pancakes, there’s always a long line for a seat but they allow you to put your name down, and come back when your table is ready which is great. Their portions were large and their Eggs Benedict were amazing and I could barely move by the end of the meal. Their coffee was also good. 

4. Luck, Lust, Liquor & Burn 

The first time we tried eating here, the next available table was in 2 hours! Their Tacos Rockefella was the best thing we ordered that day. “Cajun seared steak, crispy shrimp, jalapeno mustard, peppercorn sauce, iceberg, blue cheese dressing, tomato, red onion & taco sauce” The flavours complement each other so well and it is a must try! 

5. This & That 

Established in 1984, this curry place is hidden in an alley in the Norther Quarter. It serves a wide variety of curries that changes on different days of the week, for a great price! 3 meat curries and rice for only 6 pounds and if you get 3 vegetarian curries with rice, it is only £3.90. 

6. Albert Schloss 

A great place for dinner! We had our Christmas dinner here! Albert Schloss is a Bavaria- style beer cellar which also serves traditional German food. I tried their pork knuckle and it was really good. The place can get a little loud but we weren’t bothered by that at all! There is also live performance  and the interior was perfect for photos! Bonus: They have a free photo booth!

7. My Thai 

I love this place because it serves up a great all you can eat buffet for 8.95 on Sundays. It’s located on John Dalton street, near Albert Square. From their A La Carte menu, the portions are generous and are a fair price. 

8. Mackie Mayor

This is a new food establishment in the northern quarter that opened in October 2017. I’m yet to try the food there but had coffee there with a friend. There is a wide range of food available there and the set up is pretty cool, so you guys might want to check that out.  


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