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Hi guys, this is it, I am finally done with my degree. I’ve finished all my exams and my student card no longer works on the printers in the Learning Commons, that’s when we know it’s really over! I had my last exams on the 29th of May and since then I have been travelling and preparing for my move to Bristol. I have decided to share some of my favourite exam study spots in Manchester with you guys and a quick update about my trip to Berlin and London!

Besides studying on campus, there are a few places I like to go to for a change while I am studying and these are a few of my favourite places

1.The Central Library

The Central Library is in the city centre right next to the Midland Hotel. I like it there because it is really quiet and the study spaces are really spacious and it’s really bright in the library.  The comfy chairs are also a big bonus. They have a cafe in the library and I can always pop by the city for dinner after a long day.

  1. Takk

There are two Takk(s) in Manchester, one on Oxford road and the other in the Northern Quarter. When you walk into Takk in the Norther Quarter on a weekday, everyone is on their laptop working away. The one in Oxford road is slightly busier but the study space upstairs is still one of my favourite spots. Their coffee is also one of the main reasons I keep going back.

  1. Chapter One Books

This hidden gem is located in the Northern Quarter and is open till midnight everyday! It is a bookshop and a cafe which makes it such a nice place to work or read. They also serve cakes and light bites.

After a few weeks of carrying my books between the university and these study spots, I’ve finally completed my exams and get to start my Summer! Once exams ended, my friend and I flew to Berlin for a short break. Berlin was amazing, especially the architecture, the vibes, the history behind the city.

We had a great time visiting all the museums, the markets, enjoying the food and having drinks in the park or by the river. Berlin is a great place to spend a few days in because there is something for everyone there! A few of the places I highly recommend are: The Neues Museum, which has an amazing Egyptian collection, the Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral), the East side gallery which is what used to be the Berlin Wall, now covered with artworks and of course, the Brandenburg Gate!

After Berlin, we made a trip to London as some of our friends from Malaysia are visiting the UK. We had a great time travelling around London, eating good food and just spending time together after not seeing each other for so long. We did a typical tourist tour and visited tower bridge, St Paul’s and The London Eye.

I had a great time just meeting up with friends and relaxing over the past few weeks. I am also very excited for my parents’ visit for my graduation on the 13th of July! I will keep you guys updated next month. 😊


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