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“You know it always rains in England and that you will barely see the sun throughout the year, right?!” – This was only one of the many comments made jokingly by my friends and relatives when I told them that I would be moving to England to do my undergraduate degree at Manchester Business School. But this still didn’t keep me from coming and I have been living in Manchester for almost three weeks now.

Burkhardt house

Burkhardt house

I am staying in Burkhardt House, which is part of Hulme Hall and located in the Victoria Park accommodation campus. It is only 20 minutes’ walk from the Business School and at the edge of the Curry Mile.

In my first week here I tried to attend as many events from the International Orientation programme as possible to get to know other students from the UK and around the world. I took a coach tour through Manchester, did a walking tour of the campus and went to a workshop called ‘Getting to know the British’. The week flew by and as more and more of my flatmates moved in we also went to many events organised by our hall. We share a kitchen and a lounge with ten people and compared to other halls I think that our ensuite rooms are fairly big.

The Old Quad at the University

The Old Quad at the University

The semester officially started on 19th September and in the first few days at MBS I got to meet my coursemates from all over the world, I met my student peer mentor and went to ‘An Introduction to Business and Management Skills’, one of my first year course units.

I signed up for many societies and sports teams during the sports and activities fair like many other freshers but decided to only join a few of them because I didn’t know how much time studying would take up. So in the end I joined the International Society, the Management Society, the Francophone Society and a softball team.

The first week of lectures was completely different to what I was used to at my German High School. In Germany, I had 35 hours of classes and my biggest class consisted of about 20 people. At university, I only have ten lectures a week but I also have seminars which don’t take place every week. In the first year the lectures are really big with up to 450 people but that will change in the following years as we have more choice then and can specialise. The most demanding lectures are probably ‘Quantitative Methods for Business and Management’, ‘Microeconomics’ and ‘Fundamentals of Financial Reporting’. The lecturers give you information about what you have to read or study but in the end it is up to you how much effort you are willing to put into your studies because the lecturers won’t check everything like in High School.

So after my first three weeks in Manchester I can say that it doesn’t always rain in England – we had several really nice days here and some days I even wished I had air conditioning in my room.


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