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Moving day. My family dropped me off at the airport. I refused to let them babysit me as I checked in, so they said their goodbyes outside the terminal. I was incredibly nervous, but a good nervous. I said goodbye to everyone and walked my way to the check in. Of course there was a queue from here to Timbuctoo which gave me a while to think about what I was actually doing. So many questions were running through my head and I didn’t know anyone else in the world coming to Manchester which terrified me. Would I like my new flatmates? Would I like my course? Am I making the right decision? I finally get to check in and of course, there’s a hitch. Hand luggage oversized! £80 of my freshers savings gone. Not the best start.

I arrived at my halls! They were clean and spacious. The hall I was placed in was not my first choice but I applied to change to a cheaper and even livelier hall, which I felt was a great move.

Welcome week is undoubtedly the greatest week of the year. Everyone is in the same boat, noone really knows anyone else. Therefore everyone is incredibly friendly and always up for a laugh. There is so much happening during welcome week from the incredible freshers’ fair that hosts many sign-up stalls for sports and societies and let’s not forget, FREE STUFF!

Manchester offers an unimaginable range of clubs and societies – basically all I can say is, if you play it, or are interested in it, there’s a club or society for it. I personally am a member of the ITMB, gaming, LGBT, wine and cheese tasting and dance society, as well as being a member of Manchester Swimming Club. All clubs and societies generally hold social outings, so you’re sure to find like-minded people within the University.

The city of Manchester is amazing. There is so much to do, weather you want to go skiing at Chill Factore, blast through your student loan at the Trafford Centre or see the city from above on the Manchester Wheel, there’s never a dull day, despite the weather.

I originally moved to Manchester last year to study Computer Science, but the course wasn’t quite right for me. I researched the ITMB course and successfully gained a place for this September. On the ITMB course, we are enrolled on classes that develop our knowledge of the technical side of IT, such as database design, as well as classes to improve our professional skills and business acumen. The course is based heavily on teamwork and networking with employers, which is great as it allows us to build a great foundation of contacts before we even leave uni.

The jump from A-level to Degree level is a large one. You are not babysat through your work at uni. Independent learning is key, it’s vital you motivate yourself to do the work at hand in order to gain good grades. My course has a smallish number of people – around 50 – which is great as we are already close knit, so it’s a fantastic start to the year and I look forward to getting to know everyone much better. The course has around 20 hours a week contact time, and some weeks are less as labs usually occur on set weeks.

During my time here I’ve done the usual flyering jobs, but recently I have begun working for Cisco Systems in their Didsbury office, helping them carry out IT audits, which is fantastic experience for me.


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