Merry Christmas!


With December come University submissions! It is an extremely busy time of year, as libraries continue to remain packed even past midnight. I have been spending quite a lot of time, trying to finish off some important work. This enabled me to visit the Christmas markets, which like every year were truly spectacular. It’s amazing how people from across Europe set up stalls and display their culture. Moreover, the sheer vibe of the city during this time of year makes you feel great.

I’ll be heading back to India for Christmas. My family and I are planning to take a short vacation somewhere in India, but we still need to fix a location. I understand that the deadlines for UCAS would soon be coming up, and many of you would have already applied. I vividly remember my experience, and the numerous drafts I had written before I finalized my personal statement. I would recommend applicants to select universities on the basis of not just rankings, but also other factors such as location and extra-curricular activities.

I believe these are equally important for you to make the most of university. Moreover, as far as the personal statement is concerned, I believe that it is essential for you to demonstrate that you are not just good at academics, but have also partaken in various other activities. This indicates inquisitiveness and a go-getter attitude. I would like to wish everyone applying the very best of luck.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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