Memories of revision…!


How do you spend your time? Are you focused on a productive task? Whether you’re learning to play and instrument, training for BUCs or revising for a January exam, it can be quite tough to find time for these, especially in a buzzing city like Manchester.

I found it hard to find time to think about revising, never mind actually revising around this time of year. With the temptation of Markets and mulled wine to evade the crisp winter air, which made going to the library seem like a little bit of a let down, revision took a lot of effort! But it doesn’t have to!

Despite the lack of mulled wine in the library, it is the perfect place to revise, ensuring you avoid the chaos of Blue ground floor you should be able to find a quiet sanctuary.

It seems obvious, but not everyone does it. Timetable. Plan how long you are going to spend of each topic, and fit it in around your day. Simple and effective!

We all use notes, that’s tried and tested, but why not enhance your notes. Try drawing a timeline of events or diagrams so you can visualise your notes, or record yourself reading them. Pop the recording on your music player and you’re good to go.

Don’t rely of lecture slides! If you want to get a 2.1 – 1st you must read a breath of literature in relation to the topic, not just what you have been told. Books are widely available to you and usually the ones you need to read are detailed on the modules reading list. Easy.

Ignore your life when in revision time. Divorce from social media / mobile phone! This is the hardest part of revision, being able to keep a focus. Going to the library with a friend will help, get in to a routine where you spend 50mins revision and a 10 minute break. Try not to bug each other and reassure one another that life is not that exciting outside of the library.

Finally. Keep your head on! Eat and sleep well and everything will follow through.

Although don’t panic if you have left revision to the last minute….That’s what OPs 24/7 cluster is for! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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