With the first month of March gone, I can once again share my monthly experience at Manchester Business School with you. To begin with, I can say that Manchester has treated its students with the same cold weather and wild wind which did not match my hope of sun and warmth in any way.

Regardless of the weather, there were several aspects of this month which I fully enjoyed. Firstly, I have almost finished my group coursework in Finance and successfully passed my mid-term exams with a high first. I can say that I am satisfied with my academic performance and relieved that I am almost done with my lectures and workshops for this term; there are only two more modules whose classes I still have to attend after Easter Break ends.

Secondly, I have celebrated March 1st in Romanian style. The celebration is called “Martisor” and its name is the diminutive of Mart, which is the old folk name of March. Martisor is actually a small decoration in form of a white and red string tied together. Giving this talisman to people is an old custom and it is believed that the one who wears the red and white string will be strong and healthy for the year to come. In the picture above you can see better what I mean by my description.

Thirdly, there is one more experience to acknowledge: the 8th of March. Back home in Romania, we actually celebrate it as Woman’s Day, not necessarily the Mother’s Day. This year, this day marks the first time I went out and had Thai food. I enjoyed the day so much that I decided that my boyfriend and I will try our best to go out every week and have a taste of various cultural culinary foods.

With these being said, I have left for Romania on the 21st of March to spend part of my Easter Break with my family, but you can read more about this and the travelling I am about to do in April in my next article.


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