March 2014


I’ve had a lot in my social calendar over the past few weeks which has been absolutely incredible, because it’s like they always say, work hard play harder.

For the benefit of providing that these things actually happened and, more so for my own recall of them I’ll go through the weeks as a timeline of photos.

An outstanding performance was given by London Grammar at the Troxy theatre in London itself, one that made hairs stand on the back of my neck. I first heard London Grammar on a collaboration and since I have purchased there album and their success has grown, appearing on countless interviews and live radio performances. A must see!


Dublin street

It wasn’t long after this to the time where everyone on the planet becomes a little bit Irish, and staying true to my roots I hoped back over to the Emerald Isle to visit friends and family before the big day in Irelands capital, Dublin. The city was founded by Vikings and suffered mass emigration and invasion many times so its architecture spans the accident centuries to the modern New York esque offices which can be seen behind the memorial statue to those who emigrated Ireland during tougher times. The generations of emigration has formed many strong bonds to other nations and cultures many of which have large communities within the Dublin area and it is this that makes St Patricks day an unforgettable experience there. The parade was second to none, and the live music events and performances around the city streets where world class showcases.

Next on the agenda was a visit to the o2 arena in to see one of my favourite comedians, Russell Howard who appears on various comedy shows as well as his own. To be honest, his live stuff didn’t have me in absolute stitches, but the rest of the crowd received him a lot more loudly. To me defence, I was exhausted when seeing him, as I had been at an IBM Careers academy the previous day. The event was in the Hursely location which is a stately manor and completely breathtaking, having had to get up at 5 in the morning to get there through my body clock a bit, but look at this view of the o2, equally breathtaking.

Russell Howard o2 arena

Russell Howard at the o2 arena

Last weekend, London braced itself, tied its shoes and broke a sweat! I’m talking 26 miles! Now I didn’t take part in the actual run (potentially next year, check next months blog) but I did participate in the chanting clapping and cheering from the side line. The atmosphere was beyond electric and my heart broke for those towards the end who where struggling past the 19th mile. I felt a strong sense of pride for people I didn’t know for the determination they had within themselves and felt more determined than ever to achieve my own personal goals! More of which I will catch you up on in the coming months!!



London marathon


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