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While some might be depressed over the end of a long summer holiday where they have spent almost four months relaxing and travelling with their family / friends / girlfriends / boyfriends / dogs / horses / gremlins, others (like me) are extremely happy to be back in town to start a new year. I have been working (my ass off!) all summer, so to be back for academics is more of a “holiday” for me.

I spent most of my summer in China, volunteering as an English teacher. I found this opportunity via a friend from Spain who had volunteered last year. I was working with 6-7 year old children, teaching them everyday-english together with an interpreter who could help me communicate with the children, as their level of English was below conversational, and my mandarin is extremely poor. Work was fun, but it could be extremely exhausting sometimes. Imagine yourself prancing around in a superman-suit made of some polyester-like-material in almost 40 degrees heat…

Yes, that's the suit. 40 degrees heat.

Yes, that’s the suit. 40 degrees heat.

Overall, it was a great experience, and I would definitely recommend this opportunity to anyone who is considering doing volunteering abroad. Feel free to ask any questions about it!

One of the thousand pictures of the children hugging me

One of the thousand pictures of the children hugging me

After leaving China, I had little time to go back to Sweden as I had to fly back to the UK for a training day in London. I was offered a job with Microsoft as a Campus ambassador, which I happily accepted, and I had the chance to meet all the other representatives at one of their offices in Central London. This job is tailored for me as I’ll have the chance to mingle around campus, and talk about products that I have quite good knowledge of. I shall soon be uploading some pictures of me and some cool gadgets!

I am excited about second year, especially since we get to choose the modules we prefer doing. I decided to mainly go for Economics and Finance modules as these are the areas my dissertation in my final year will involve. This year I will try to get more extracurricular activities on my schedule by being active in societies. I have joined some interesting societies already, such as MUTIS (Manchester University Trading and Investment Society), Nordic Society and MUCSS (Manchester University Chinese Students Society). I actually have to finish this blog post quickly as I have try-outs for the MUCSS football team in about an hour. I’m not really expecting to have United or City scouts after me, but it is a great way to meet new people, and of course an easier way to gather people who want to play football. Don’t be surprised if I write about a broken leg or any other injury in my next blog post.

See you guys next month!

Freshers week party with the International Society

Freshers week party with the International Society


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