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After a tedious ten hour flight, I, finally stepped foot in Manchester. Alongside my two suitcases, I carried the mixed feelings of being nervous yet extremely excited. The thought of staying so far away from home appeared daunting. Will I make friends? Am I making the right decision? What if I am a misfit? These were the kind of questions popping up in my mind.

Chinese Dinner at Red Chilli!

Chinese Dinner at Red Chilli!

However, the first week in Manchester made all the nervousness vanish. As clichéd as it might sound, Welcome Week is most certainly the greatest week of the year. You realize that everybody wants to make friends, so you must go and speak to people. You will be surprised how friendly everybody is.

Welcome week is jam-packed with a variety of events. There is always something happening. The Start of the Year Fair is one of the most incredible events of the week. It is a great opportunity to see the range of societies that the University has to offer, not to miss the free Domino’s pizza. The University has something for everybody.

I signed up for the Badminton Club, MUTIS, Manchester Entrepreneurs, RAG, and the Vegetarian Society (Yes, there is a vegetarian society as well!). Make sure you join societies that interest you! They do not only act as a platform for you to learn new things (which appears great on your CV), but all societies organize social events as well, which is a great opportunity to meet and network with new people that share similar interests as you.

Found a shop with the same name as mine near Piccadilly Gardens!

Found a shop with the same name as mine near Piccadilly Gardens!

The welcome week was also a great opportunity to explore this wonderful city. Manchester is a city that would suit both, nature lovers and people who like a metropolitan city. Grabbing a cup of coffee and relaxing in the beautiful Whitworth Park or going skiing at Chill Factore, the city satisfies everybody’s tastes. Moreover, being home to a large student population, a lot of restaurants and shops in Manchester offer student discounts, which helps students in cutting down expenses!

Two months into Uni now, Manchester feels like home. The lectures are all very interesting, and the amazing online Blackboard service offered by the Uni allows students to refer to lecture slides, notes, quizzes etc, whenever and wherever we want. The workload has certainly increased, with a mid-term test and two assessments already over, and two Essays and a group Presentation due in the next couple of weeks. However, the course content is extremely interesting. On the other hand, I have met a lot of new people in various society events, and have also become a part of the University Badminton Squad, having already played in Birmingham, Leeds, Loughborough, and Sheffield.

There are a number of events planned for the next few weeks. One event that I am really keen about is the MBS Undergraduate Ball, as I have heard really good reviews about it from second-year students. I have also been short-listed for an interview for the position of a marketing intern at Manchester Entrepreneurs and am looking forward to it.

Will update you on how it goes!


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