Looking Back On My Time in Manchester


I’m now back home in Belfast as I write my blog post. The exam period went so fast. I had four exams – with three of them being quite close together over 2 weeks, so it was a little stressful! However, I am hoping that the long hours in the library will have paid off and am really glad to be finished.

With an end to exams, of course, comes an end to my time at Alliance Manchester Business School. It really has been an amazing four years and I am leaving Manchester with more belief and confidence in myself- something I don’t think I would have got if I stayed at home. Yesterday, I received the news that I got onto Marks and Spencer’s Retail Management Graduate Scheme in Dublin. I know I wouldn’t have got into such a great graduate scheme without my experience in Manchester. I’m still waiting to hear about the final details regarding my start date with M&S but although I am a little nervous about moving to Dublin, I know it’s a fantastic opportunity, one I feel so lucky to have been given.

For now, I am enjoying some time at home and preparing for graduation. I’m really excited to be able to celebrate my achievements with all my friends and family as their support has been so important over the years. My Family and I are heading back to Manchester on the 12th of July and it will be the perfect goodbye to Manchester.


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I was so nervous about moving my life to America for a year but from all I have experienced in this month, the fear, the stress and the immense change have definitely all been worth it!

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