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You may recall from my last blog about my success at getting through the IBM assessment day for an industrial placement opportunity and how I had been waiting to hear where they were going to place me.

Well, at the beginning of this month I was called to their Southbank location in the heart of London. I was called to this interview very last minute; in fact I was asked to attend the day before it was scheduled. I couldn’t miss it, not in a lifetime! I’d hate myself forever if I had, so naturally I jumped at the chance. The interview was due to take place at 10am. Later when planning the trip, I stupidly forgot how expensive prime-time trains can be especially when booking last minute. £179 standard fair, one way. I just didn’t think so. Not to let this stop the plans, I quickly resorted to booking a much cheaper alternative. The Megabus coach for a tenner there and back. The only downfall to this was it left at 4.00am and I’m not good at sleeping upright. The coach left 15 minutes late and was much busier than I expected it to be at 4.00 am. This meant on arrival into London we were greeted with a slug of traffic, I had 30 minutes to get from Victoria to Southbank AHHHH. My worst nightmare, showing up late! They would certainly reject me on that basis alone. I quickly emailed every possible person who could pass on the message and apologies to the interviewer. Luckily however, the tube and a taxi man saved the day. Arriving to IBM with time to spare; even or a quick straightening of the tie.

The interviewer, who would also potentially be my future manager, was based in Strategic Outsourcing, which she sold to me right from the outset. Very client facing, fast paced and not reliant on perfected technical skills. Sounded exactly what I was made for, and the manager seemed to think so too. The whole thing lasted no more that 40 minutes. I had a few hours to walk around central London and take in the notion of how it could become home for the year. Getting back on the coach I was still elated at the fact the interview went well. A few hours into the 5 hour journey I received a voicemail message informing me that the manager thought I would be perfect for the role and offered me the place. The coach could not contain my excitement as I frantically called all my family and friends to let them know the good news.

A perfect start the month. At the moment however I am under the stress of numerous deadlines. I’ll have to leave it at that and focus more time on getting all my things done. I’ll tell you all about it if I make it through!!!


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