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It’s hard to believe that I was in America the last time I was writing my blog- it seems like it could be years ago. The Summer was a strange mixture of feelings. I arrived back in Belfast in June and it was so lovely to see my family after 6 months away from them. However after several weeks of adjustment I began to feel a little deflated; I missed life in America. I think this was normal for everyone who had studied abroad. For me, it was important to keep myself busy and to keep in contact with all my friends I made abroad.

After a few weeks at home, I headed back to Manchester to start my Summer Internship. It was so surreal being back in Manchester but it was so nice to see old friends and be back on Oxford Road. For 10 weeks I worked as a Marketing and Communications Intern for the University. I learnt so much and worked with an amazing team; it was a great opportunity and I am so thankful for those who helped me to get the most out of my experience. The 10 weeks flew by and before I knew it, it was almost time to start my final year at Manchester.

I don’t even know where the month of September has gone- between working and starting lectures it really did go by incredibly fast. I am taking a lot of marketing classes this semester as well as writing a dissertation. I am hoping to secure a job in marketing (fingers crossed) and am currently in the middle of applying for Graduate schemes. Final year is a little daunting as you really have to start thinking about your career and where you want to be in the future and that’s not always an easy decision to make. I am really trying to make use of all the amazing career services the University offers as well as researching the different career paths in marketing and communications.

I am also the Vice President of the AMBS International Society which had been a lot of fun. It has been so nice to meet people from all around the world, even though I’m not studying abroad anymore. We have thrown several events already- we went to the Peak district, hosted a pub crawl and organised a bowling night. We are also heading to Edinburgh in a few weeks.

The next weeks will be a bit busy as deadlines approach for essays and also the Graduate schemes however I am looking forward to enjoying my last year at Manchester.


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I was so nervous about moving my life to America for a year but from all I have experienced in this month, the fear, the stress and the immense change have definitely all been worth it!

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