Lake District, lectures, fireworks and Oxford!


November has been such a great month for me so far! I managed to visit two stunning places in the UK. My first trip was to the Lake District with the International Society. We visited Keswick and Grasmere, although the weather was terrible and our umbrellas did not survive the trip, the view and 8-inch Yorkshire pudding we had was worth it. Keswick is a small English market town located in the north Lake District and Grasmere was the birthplace of the famous poet, William Wordsworth. Grasmere is also famous for gingerbread!

Battling it out with the wind

Battling it out with the wind!

Lake District

And it's the famous lake!

And it’s the famous lake!

Of course, in between my trips I was occupied by 9AM lectures, assignments, workshops and seminars. Some events that I took part in related to my studies, was the My Future event hosted by AMBS on the 1st of November and the EY skills session by the Accounting Society which aimed to help students realise their strength and build a better CV with the help of a student recruiter from EY. My future event had various workshops available for students according to what they’d like to improve on or find out more about. There was a video interview workshop, personal branding, commercial awareness, mock assessment centre, networking skills and a short networking session at the end of the day.


EY Skills Session by the Accounting Society

EY Skills Session by the Accounting Society

One more “first ever” experience I had this month was Guy Fawkes night! I’ve never celebrated the 5th of November in my country and headed to Platt Fields Park in Fallowfield with my hall mates that night. The celebration was on a larger scale than I expected with a funfair, a HUGE bonfire and amazing fireworks. I got to hear a little about the story of Guy Fawkes and the infamous gunpowder plot.

Fireworks Bonfire

Lastly, another interesting event in November was definitely my trip to Oxford; I’ve been looking forward to this trip ever since I signed up for it. The weather was great on that day but it was extremely cold. I had my first ever punting experience resulting in sore arms and freezing fingers but another item ticked off my list of things to do while in the UK! Oxford is a beautiful city with amazing architecture and everything there just gave off a Harry Potter vibe. We managed to visit Christ Church Cathedral, University church of St Mary the virgin, Radcliffe Camera, the original Alice in Wonderland shop and tasted the best milkshake in town named Moo Moo’s.



Radcliffe camera

Radcliffe camera



So November was indeed eventful and I’m looking forward to December as it’s Christmas and I’ll be heading home with so much planned out, can’t wait!


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