It’s time to get serious!


Hello and welcome back to my blog, everyone! The new year is upon us and that means it’s time to get serious!

Though having to leave behind the comfort and familiarity of my bed at home was painful (sob), I arrived back in Manchester with a feeling of excitement and misty-eyed optimism for what the rest of the year would entail. That is, until I pinched myself and brought back down to Earth with a thump: It’s exam season!
Armed with a plethora of notes and a heavy armful of textbooks, it’s been off to the library for some solid, gruelling revision. The tedium of revision alleviated slightly by the (maybe too frequent) study breaks my course friend and I had been taking to grab snacks to eat. Although I like to see it as making sure I was refuelled… Anyhow, the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons has been a second home to me for the past 3 weeks as I’ve been seeking to boost my reserves of course knowledge in preparation for exams.

The actual two weeks of exams has been a blur to be honest, with frantic revision in between the different exams. It felt like my routine became ‘Eat, Sleep, Study, Repeat’ a lot of the time which, of course, left me quite tired during some points but I bravely soldiered on. Suddenly though, I was free of my exams and let me tell you, walking out of the exam hall after the final one was a fantastic feeling! Now I’d like to come across all fun and tell you I went out for some end of exam festivities but the fact of the matter is I did that thing I so love doing instead: Sleep. But let me tell you, having that first night’s sleep without the thought of exams in your mind was an absolute joy!

Now comes a couple of days to rest and regroup and then it’s on to Semester Two of my course. I’ve looked ahead at the lecture slides that have already been posted online and started to do a bit of light preparation beforehand. After all, it never hurts to hit the ground running!

I’m looking forward to learning new things and being taught by some different lecturers and I do think this semester is going to be a good one for me (and that’s not just because the weather can only get better!). I will continue to keep you all posted on how it’s all going. Stay tuned!


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