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The month of April just seems to have flown by and my first exam is in less than three weeks. I already had two of my three Further Business French exams, which take place during the last three weeks of the lectures, which is quite uncommon but seems to be the standard for language modules. Compared to last semester, the French exams went a lot better and my lecturer has said that my performance has really improved throughout the second semester so I hope this will be reflected in my grades. This semester we were only 5 students in this module, which is really good because you get a lot of speaking practice and lots of individual feedback on your work.

I just came back from the city centre – after I handed in my essay for American Society today I treated myself with some study free time and met up with a friend for lunch and did some shopping in the Arndale Centre. I finished my Statistics coursework at the beginning of this week and so I have run out of “excuses” to avoid revision and after this weekend I will go back to living in the library. Especially during exam periods, the Main Library and the Learning Commons get really packed but there are lots of other study spaces around campus if you know where to look for them. I recently found myself in the Simon Building computer cluster (6th floor) and while I couldn’t get a PC in the Main Library, there were 120 computers available in this brand new cluster and you have a really nice view of the hills surrounding Manchester. Not that I’m easily distracted by that view 😉

Basketball season ended this month as well and we played our last game during the Christie Cup. The Christie Cup is one of the oldest inter-university competitions in the UK and Manchester competes against the University of Leeds and the University of Liverpool. Needless to say that Manchester won the cup.

I will fly back to Germany at the beginning of June right after my exams end. I would have liked to stay here a little longer, especially as I won’t be coming back until September 2014 but I will start my internship in the second week of June and I still have a lot of things to organise before flying to North Carolina.

This year I will be working for the auditing company BDO for two months in Frankfurt. I am really excited that my internship will be in Frankfurt, as Frankfurt is quite different to all other German cities because of all the skyscrapers and it’s sometimes called “Mainhattan” for that reason (The “Main” is the river flowing through Frankfurt).

April 2013 CIMG4982_640x480

April 2013 CIMG4983_640x480

April 2013 CIMG6596_640x480

So I will only be in my hometown for about 3 weeks since Frankfurt is 6 hours by train from where I live in northern Germany. Luckily there is an American consulate in Frankfurt as well so I won’t have to drive all the way to Berlin to get my visa for my exchange year.

107 days to go – I’m a big fan of countdowns if you haven’t realised that by now 🙂


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