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“Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play” – Immanuel Kant

At the end of my second year at Manchester Business School, I believe I will have gained most of the knowledge in foundations of finance and economics and be prepared to pursue these subjects at a more advance level. However, as I am rapidly approaching my graduation day and look for entrance in the labour market, I am aware of the important role skills and abilities play in applying the already gained knowledge in real life situations, skills and abilities that can be developed only by having a work experience background, be it voluntary or paid.

For most students like me, next summer will have an input in our experience as we are all applying for a summer internship with well-known and reputable globally operating companies. I am currently undergoing a recruitment process for finance positions which, as I mentioned in my last article, can be really time consuming. From completing application forms, getting informed of the company’s values and seeing whether these suit me well, to taking Strengths and Ability Tests, these comprise the first stage of the recruitment process. As I have been previously advised and would suggest you do the same, the sooner this stage is completed, the better, since most of the positions within a company are given on a first come first served basis. Adding this to my already busy timetable means organising well enough and finding at least two days per week when I could focus on my future, rather than on my studies. Therefore, while I am attending classes and seminars every morning, I have the afternoons to study further what I have been taught in classes, leaving me with Saturday and Sunday as the two primary days when I can focus on internship applications and some evenings during the week to attend companies’ events in central Manchester.

Richmond tea rooms

Richmond tea rooms

As I mentioned before, I like to leave some of my evenings free and cherish Sunday afternoons for the relaxing moments it can offer. Since it is Halloween time, the opportunities to enjoy myself vary from going out in the club, such as joining the Halloween Party in Panacea, to attending a Halloween House party. Dressing up always puts people in a good mood and since half of the first semester has passed, reading week makes a party well worth it. Otherwise, this a great chance to discover more of Manchester, unless you decide to target other destinations. Having my first cup of exotic tea and fruit scones at Richmond Tea Rooms, going out to Cloud 23 and The Avenue Neighbourhood House are some of my indulgences this month. And the best part of the day is coming home and verifying my email to see that I passed through the first recruitment stage and that an interview awaits me.

The Avenue Neighbourhood

The Avenue Neighbourhood


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