Honing my time management skills!


So after getting my head around all of the deadlines that the beginning of the second semester detailed I have finally got around to managing my time to a good balance of focusing on Uni work as well as the workload of my part-time job.

The initial week of February was full of bliss. A friend and I had decided to take a well deserved break after our exams. We choose to go to Windermere, in the Lake District. I would highly recommend going there as it isn’t all too far from Manchester and it is relatively cheap to stay there. We had a fantastic time and I really enjoyed getting outside of Manchester for a while. Seeing new scenery is always a good thing.

We’re now a few weeks in to the 2nd semester and the workload is already shoulder high. Many of my course mates question how I am juggling a part time job along with Uni. I often wonder how I manage a lot of the time myself. For future students just moving to Manchester, I would not recommend diving straight in to part-time work, as I feel it puts a lot of pressure on both your studies and social life. I feel my previous year studying computer science at the University has prepared me to deal with the multiple tasks at hand. I would advise future students to focus on building friendships and relations with other students as well as academic staff. However, of course I do not discourage students gaining part-time work. Just be prepared to work very hard to keep a balance. It’s tough.

Like I said before, the workload for the ITMB students in second semester is pretty heavy. The course has moved to focus a lot on article reading and the critiquing of such articles. The articles relate to the industries of IT and business and provide a great insight in to the future frameworks and practices of the industry. We are also in the development stage of our proposed web application for Jaguar Land Rover, which we had designed in the first semester. This is preparing us to use our technical skills, dealing with a lot of programming languages, such as HTML, CSS and PHP.

We are also learning the programming language, Java. Which is quite fun, as its design is object-orientated which allows you to do a lot of neat things with representations of real-life objects.

Towards the end of February the Business School published their examination results. This was something that I had been a little anxious about, as the Business School was one of the last to give out results. I was ecstatic with my results gaining firsts and 2.1s. In my previous December blog I had mentioned the fact that I had came back to Manchester early during the holiday period to revise, this is something that I feel has really paid off.

As for now, I am swamped in work, but coping pretty well.


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