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It’s 25° C and I’m sitting in a sun chair by the beach, enjoying the spring holidays. – That’s what I’m dreaming about as I am sitting in my room in 3° C cold Germany while doing my Statistics assignment. We still have some snow and it is definitely a lot colder than Manchester was when I left.

The MBS International Office has sent off my application documents for UNC a few weeks ago and I have filled out my module choice form as well. The class size at UNC is a lot smaller than at MBS and reaches from 5 – 55 (at least for the modules I can take), each class runs twice a week and classes begin as early as 8 o’clock and last a minimum of 75 minutes.

I have taken my Statistics and my Financial Reporting & Accountability notes with me and unlike last year around this time I am actually doing some work. That is if my cat isn’t trying to disturb me. I have made notes for every relevant chapter of the book for Financial Reporting & Accountability and I have started my Statistics assignment. But what I should really get going with is my American Society & Economy essay which is due at the beginning of May but I haven’t even chosen a topic yet. I guess from my module choices you can tell that I’m not a big fan of essays!

For once my exam timetable is actually really good. I have three exams: Statistics on May 21st, Financial Reporting & Accountability on May 28th and Intermediate Management Accounting on May 31st. So this time I will be done several days before the end of the exam period in the first week of June. But I also have three exams in Further Business French (oral, writing, speaking) in week 10,11 and 12 of the semester.

In February and March I have also worked as a Student Ambassador for MBS, giving campus tours to prospective students and was very happy to see that one prospective student had actually recognised me because he was reading my blog.

134 days until North Carolina 🙂


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