Holidays are coming…


The last couple of weeks have been very hectic but luckily the start of Christmas break is just around the corner – But before making my way to the airport I have to hand in two pieces of coursework and give a group presentation.

Two weeks ago a friend from Austria, who is studying abroad in the UK at the moment, came to visit me for a day. I showed her around the city centre and then we went to Trafford Centre for lunch. Afterwards we went on a stadium tour at Old Trafford – Another thing I can tick off my bucket list because I had actually never been to the Manchester United Stadium before.

I’m currently working on a group presentation for my Business of Healthcare module, which we have to present on December 2nd. We were given a choice of five topics and chose “What can the NHS learn from other healthcare systems” in the end. The countries we picked are Germany and Sweden. We’ve been meeting at the Learning Commons or the Precinct Library every Monday for a few weeks now. Especially just before Christmas it’s not always easy to book a group study room in the Learning Commons but you can usually find a group study space somewhere else on campus!

On November 27th I went to the MBS Undergraduate Ball which was held at the Palace Hotel. Tickets were just £7.50 which included a delicious three-course menu. It’s strange to know that this was the last MBS Undergraduate Ball I will ever attend. I still remember going to a very similar event as a first year student three years ago that took place at the Hard Rock Café in the city centre!

MBS Undergraduate Ball

MBS Undergraduate Ball

Happy holidays to all of you, whether you are actually celebrating Christmas or simply enjoying a few weeks off before the January exam period starts.


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