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To summarise November: there have been both highs and lows. This month’s low goes to the Swedish National Football team for getting knocked out in the playoffs to the World Cup in Brazil 2014.

This month’s high goes to the (secret) firm that called me last week and offered me a place on their graduate scheme. I choose to keep it secret until contracts are signed (in case I jinx it). Either way, I can confirm that I will be based in London after graduation.

I cannot stress the importance of work experience enough. When I applied for internships I could get rejected already at the application stage. After adding a summer internship on to my CV the responses were a lot more positive. It is also a lot easier to demonstrate skills over a telephone interview when there are practical examples to use (rather than just mentioning group coursework situations). Any form of work experience will help in the process of getting a job, whether it is volunteering, fundraising, student repping – you name it.

From the photo booth at the MBS ball

From the photo booth at the MBS ball

Unsure whether it is this blog that encourages me to be more active in social life, I feel like I have done a lot more this month outside the study hours. Last week, MBS held a ball for the Undergrads at Palace Hotel. 3-course meal and adult beverages. Throwing in a red wine-stained shirt into the laundry confirms that it has been a good night. I also left the books home and spent a weekend in Norway to get some time off from work.

It was a lot colder in Norway than Manchester!

It was a lot colder in Norway than Manchester!

Christmas holiday is approaching and I have decided to stay in Manchester this year too. Who doesn’t want to be in the UK on Boxing Day? Instead, I have tickets booked for another visit in Norway for New Years Eve. Scandinavians party harder.


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