Happy New Year and exam time!


And it is exam time as well…

As I believe my article this time last year was about exams and there is probably no need to repeat myself this year as well, I can only tell you that January is all about preparing for the 5 exams that I have and going to the gym. Other than that, I will focus on my winter holiday.

As in the previous years, I went back home to Sibiu, Romania, to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with my family and dear friends. The flavors of this holiday have been once again the beauty of my home town amazingly decorated with Xmas lights, the lovely party my friends and I had on New Year’s Eve and the lovely time spent together with the family on Christmas day. I am definitely looking forward to the next holiday, feeling very curios whether it could overtake this one when it comes to feelings and joyful moments. I believe it’s best to let the pictures speak for themselves, though.

My home town amazingly decorated with Xmas lights

My home town amazingly decorated with Xmas lights


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