Happy Easter!


Happy Easter – Well almost at least. More than 6 months have passed since I moved to Manchester and it doesn’t seem that long ago at all. We already got our exam timetable for May/June which means that semester 2 is almost over as well which leaves me to 15 weeks of summer vacation!

At the moment I am home but I will fly back to Manchester on the 10th of April so I have some time to work on my macroeconomics essay which is due soon after the end of spring break.

The exam period starts on the 16th of May and since I learned my lesson from semester 1 revision I will start studying for the exams right after spring break and hopefully not be as stressed out as last time. I think after the first proper exams at university and the feedback we got I now know better what to focus on while studying and which ways of studying work best for me.

Being home again to relax and enjoy homemade cooking is really nice and we had some lovely sunny days as well. On the 24th of March some friends and I went to a formal ball of the youth club I’ve been a member of since I was 15 and it was good to see everybody again since people from all over the state came to that dance which I hadn’t seen in quite a while.

I have so many plans before I return to Manchester and I hope I will find the time to get everything done and meet up with all the friends I haven’t seen since my last visit in Germany.

The Softball sessions I took part in every Thursday for a couple of weeks are unfortunately over as well but we’ll play in a tournament on the last weekend of spring break in Withington so I am really excited. The last time I played competitive Softball was during my year abroad in the US which was years ago and I always wanted to pick up Softball again after I returned to Germany but there were no teams close by.

I hope everybody is enjoying spring break as much as I am!


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