Half Way Through Final Year


I’m sitting writing this blog post back home in Belfast and it’s so hard to believe that first semester is already over! It’s been a lot of work but also a lot of fun!

The last few weeks of term were spent in the library as I had several big deadlines. However, we had the AMBS Christmas Ball at the start of December. It was a really lovely break from all the stress; a fun night where everyone got to relax and celebrate the Christmas festivity.

December was also very bitter-sweet as the International Programmes Society had to say our final goodbyes to all our first semester exchange students. We threw a great Christmas Social that involved a Christmas dinner, IPS awards, karaoke and beer pong! It was a really fun evening and a nice send-off for all the exchange students, it was such a pleasure getting to know them all and hopefully they enjoyed their time at Manchester!

Now I am back at home, it’s nice to relax and enjoy seeing my friends and family again. I have a lot of work to do for January as well as revise for my exams, but I am really looking forward to enjoying my final semester at Manchester. Time has gone incredibly fast and I am so grateful for all the great memories Manchester has given me.


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I was so nervous about moving my life to America for a year but from all I have experienced in this month, the fear, the stress and the immense change have definitely all been worth it!

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