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Hello and welcome back to my blog, everyone! This will be my second blog post of this glimpse into the life of an AMBS student. It’s been a busy few weeks as work starts to pile up. The training wheels are most definitely off by now!

Reading week could not have arrived at a better time for me: a welcome reprieve from the daily grind of seminar readings and note taking. I took the opportunity to go home to see family (although mum and dad jetted off the day after I arrived! – Lucky for some!). However, what I missed out on in terms of fresh home cooking, I made up in an odd hush around the house that seemed fully geared towards boosting my productivity; which was quite handy as I had a formative essay plan due later that week! Needless to say, I got that done with time to spare and much more besides.

After my quick pit stop at home, it was back up to Manchester to rejoin the race towards my degree! Now, I would like to say Manchester received me with warm and welcoming hands but I have to tell the truth and say that the chill that greeted me as I stepped off the train was more akin to a slap in the face! I like to imagine it was a foreshadowing of the work that awaited me. After that, this month has been an absolute blur. So much work to be done and so little time seems to be the order of the day at present but I’m pleasantly surprised that I’m somehow staying abreast of all my work even though my grip on it sometimes seems tenuous!

As usual, the lectures continue to be insightful and interesting with all the lecturers at the top of their game. Particular highlights for me are Mr Reza’s lectures: He is one of the most animated and interesting people I have ever come across and he makes economics fun with his eccentric real world examples. Further to this, I’ve made a couple of course friends which I highly recommend new students to do. It really helps with motivation: whenever I don’t feel like going to a lecture, I feel too guilty about letting them down and go anyway! Also, studying is so much easier when you have friends to help with questions you have.

Speaking of motivation to attend all lectures religiously, the weather has NOT been my friend on that front! I suppose I should have anticipated it moving north to Manchester for my studies but it has been a real baptism of fire… Or should I say water? The rain has been as relentless as my workload but similarly, I manage to keep my head above water and now almost like the rain which always helps!

I also have a few developments regarding part time work in the pipeline so stay tuned for another foray of mine into the big, bad world of adulthood! Anyway, it’s time for me to get back to work and so I must end it here. This is Wale; signing off. Until next time…


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