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Hello fellow readers! Let me say a big welcome to the first years…The best years of your life have just begun.
My name is Alexandra Gathukia. I am currently in my second year of International Business, Finance and Economics in Alliance Manchester Business School… (catches breath)… yes, it truly my course name is that long ha-ha. I am 21 years of age and I come from Kenya, the land of the world’s best tea and coffee and sunny weather.

How did I spend my summer after the first year?

The usual response to this question is internships and working. I decided to do something a bit different. Summer school and travelling! I know as you are reading you are probably wondering why I would spend July in class reading? Well, apart from the reading (Financial Risk) part.

I spent my free time visiting the British Museum, watching Chineke Orchestra perform in Royal Festival hall and, of course, drinks with new friends from summer school.

Google maps became my best friend as it was my first time living in London for a long period of time. Though my time there was truly and experience.

The travelling part of my summer began in August when I went back home to Kenya. As an international student, you will begin to realise that you appreciate everything about you home country after spending most of your time in England. I travelled to two different game parks within the country (Tsavo West and Amboseli National Park) and the white sandy beaches in the island of Zanzibar.

Here are a few fun facts of each of these places I travelled:

Tsavo West contains the most recent visible records of lava flow that came down from nearby hills.

One can get a lovely view of Mount Kilimanjaro (tallest mountain in Africa) from the Park while taking part in a game drive.

Zanzibar has one of the world top 10 beautiful beaches in the world. That is not an exaggeration.

Now I’m backing in my second home, Manchester, for more adventures this year. My journey from summer to autumn ends but the next journey from autumn to summer begins.

Until next month, bye!


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