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It has been a while since my last post and from that time I feel I have matured immensely from a stressing student 30 seconds away from pens down, to successful city worker, soon a force to be reckoned with!!! Well in my head anyway, but actually, let’s face it, I’m still only an intern… But there are no tea duties or pointless errands to be done here!

After passing all of my 2nd year modules with flying colours I proceeded on my year out working in industry with global IT leader, IBM. I have been placed in the fantastic position of being the orchestrator of information flow between various teams within a complex business process known as Request for Services. Those of you doing a Project Management module may be familiar with the term Request for Proposal, it’s very similar. The process involves outsourcing projects to IBM that the client does not have the expertise or scope to conduct. I am the only intern working on one of IBMs largest client accounts in the UK, aided by a fantastic team, I am responsible for capturing, documenting, processing and pushing the relevant information to the correct people. These people generally fall within Commercial pricing, Solution programmers, RFS, Project & Delivery Manager and Project Execs. The final goal of the process is to produce a contractual agreement for the proposed work at a price and schedule that everyone agrees upon before passing the final Statement of Work to IBM who execute the project. As I am only in my 6th week I still don’t know everything and have made my fair share of mistakes, BUT I find that as time goes on I am given more and more responsibilities which are pushing me out of my comfort zone and expanding my knowledge of the whole end to end process and reinforcing what I’ve learnt to date.

The placement has not only introduced me to a new role, but has opened the doors to my career network. Here, we are told that every conversation with one another should feel like an interview. This coupled with the thought of building my personal eminence not only in my physical present but also on my digital profiles has allowed me to excel at building my reputation among friends and colleagues. In this early stage I would already strongly advise all students, in any degree program WIE to grab it with both hands!!! You would be foolish not to. Not only do you gain fantastic experience and begin your career path, you also get paid!! You will be expected to work hard however, so don’t expect to just make tea.


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