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First and foremost, Happy New Year!! I hope you all had a fantastic time, I know I did. For me it went off with a few loud bangs and large gasps from the crowd as we looked onwards to the fireworks exploding out from the London Eye.

Fireworks exploding out from the London Eye

Fireworks exploding out from the London Eye

The 11 minutes of fireworks was one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen and would strongly urge everyone who can, to do it at least once in there lifetime. As you would expect, central London was gridlocked from 7pm onwards, but as I work close to Waterloo I know the area fairly well and had my eye set on going directly to a small park called, Millennium Green hidden on the south side of Waterloo station.


This position will cut out the lower half of the London Eye, but you will avoid being treated like a cow in a cattle market.

The celebration didn’t end there, a few days later my partner and took a weekend trip to Amsterdam. I’m sure Amsterdam needs no introduction as many students go there. Word of warning if you haven’t been, watch out for cyclists, there are like steam engines who take the right of way!

Weekend trip to Amsterdam

Unsurprisingly, as the capital city it is extremely cultured, with the Van Gogh and Anne Frank museums being a must and the many seasonal festivals too. The city, undoubtedly has its playful side too, he Flour cent museum, Heineken brewery and ice bar are pretty cool places to go as well as the many quirky galleries dotted around the city.

After all of that venturing, it was time to get serious again. I am 7 months in to my placement, and both the University and IBM end their assessment of me on the 9 month mark, so there is a lot of pressure to get things right this side of the academic year. You might feel the same?

“‘Oh, this semester will be different! I will try harder, I will go to more seminars, I will get all the books on the reading list, I will read them…’”

It can be tough to maintain that kind of attitude, especially at Uni when you are juggling so many knowledge expanding topics at once, with deadlines and the running of your daily life to contend with. For me, it has sometimes been difficult to juggle my day to day job roles as well as arrange “extra circular” things like, shadowing other employees, undergoing training programmes and participating in Give Back projects etc.

One thing that has helped and which you may of heard of before is Bikram yoga. I have found that it has helped tremendously in all physical and mental aspects of my life, it’s. It is essentially 26 yoga poses in a very hot room. It is tough work and is much harder than it looks or sounds, but they say how you learn to conduct your body and mind in the classes improves your attitude to the way you conduct your body and mind outside the classes too, and I agree!! I have a lot more mental stamina and focus; I have completely stopped eating bad foods and no caffeine and have started drinking much much more water. If you feel you could do with a bit of fresh start on your new year and your resolutions why not look for a studio online, many have intro offers and I can guarantee you will see a difference in your everyday life as well as academic performance!


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