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I am still pondering whether I should write more about my experience of this past first semester’ exams or the time enjoyed during winter holiday and after the exam period as well.

I suppose you all know and are familiar with the ‘strenuous’ efforts made during the exam period and some are eager to find out the results while others just wish to prolong the time ’till they have to report back to the parents about their possible failures. Therefore, as I have still not decided which category I fit in, I think the best would be to focus on writing about the exciting experience of my winter holiday and the relief celebrated after I was finished with my last exam.

The Before…

As most students do, I left for my home country as soon as I had my last lecture of the semester in order to spend some quality time with my family. I stayed for a few days in the capital, Bucharest, and afterwards went back to my home town where I visited and met with everyone from cousins to great-uncles and family friends. As a brief statement here are the two most magic nights: the Christmas Eve, when I met with all of my former classmates who are still some of my dearest friends and we went caroling to our previous teachers and the New Year’s Eve, which involved a beautiful restaurant ambiance and lots of champagne and new wishes for the year to come. In between my social activities, I managed to add some hours of studying and therefore came back to the University sufficiently prepared for three exams out of five.

…and After

Upon my arrival in Manchester, I entered the stress zone immediately as there were two more exams for which I did not study at home plus the revision of each module in part to ensure my success in obtaining a first in these exams. However, as my experience was actually a no-experience period of two weeks, I can only jump directly to Friday evening, the 23rd of January, when I was finished with my last exam and being satisfied with my performance, I got on a coach and went to visit my dear friend in Leeds. My resolutions for this year reflect my wish to travel which is why I am going to invest more time in my trips both within the country and Europe. Perhaps this is what I mostly learned from the past two months, the value of travelling, how important your companions are and that there is always a place called home. Being in UK, being at University of Manchester, offers me more opportunities than anywhere else from this point of view, which is why in two months I am also going to Paris and hope to tick off Dublin from my map as well.

While in Leeds

While in Leeds


…I still have to study. I am more than determined to ace my assessment centres next month and get a summer internship and with this being said, I better return to my reading for International Business Strategies.


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