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Finally free! This exam period has been one of the most stressful I’ve ever had. One reason for this is the fact that I have found a part-time job, which is never something to complain about but I had to spend quiet a bit of time learning the ropes at work – time which I had planned to dedicate to revision. This put a slight strain on me, as at times I felt I was burning the candle at both ends. Nevertheless, I ultimately learned to manage time to military standards as a result of the workload.

Firstly, I’ll tell you a little bit more about the job. The company is a small yet thriving online clothing company, which seems to be rapidly expanding, as during my few weeks there they have hired around four others. They specialise in kids and teens formalwear. My role there involves me managing their website as well as their eBay listings, although for the first few days I was asked to work in the warehouse, processing orders. This allowed me to get an idea of the operational side to the business and gain a firm knowledge of the products being sold. I was very nervous the first few days, but the nerves soon subsided after I got to know everyone else working there a little better. I am particularly enjoying the role, as it is giving me great experience.

So moving on to what January was all about. The exams! I had four of them, which wasn’t too bad in comparison to friends of mine who had six. I really don’t know how the managed those, but for me my exams went to plan. My first exam was based on accounting, which many others found very challenging, but I had done accounting for alevel, which really helped, as I basically just had to refresh my memory when revising. The second was for the Application Design module, which didn’t go too badly either. The third was on databases. This was the one I thought was going to be most difficult, however the exam was very similar to the past papers, all of which I had practiced. Then finally, the HCI exam. It was multiple choice, so I managed to complete the 30 questions quite quickly.

After all the stress of revision and exams, I took a well-deserved weekend break to London. I had never been before so thought it was the perfect place to go for post-exam celebrations. I’m only one day into the second semester and have already taken notes of all the various deadlines and showcases planned in the coming months. I’m expecting this semester to be even more of a challenge now I have a job. Wish me luck.


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