As promised, this month I will tell you a bit more about my modules for the semester. I ended up swapping Decision Analysis with Macroeconomic Analysis but otherwise my module choices have remained the same. Last semester my strategy of taking some purely coursework-based modules to avoid the stress of 5 exams worked out quite well so I decided to pick my modules based on this “philosophy” again. Hence, I will have 4 exams in May / June, as well as three essays that are due between April and May and one group presentation. Towards 2050 and Management & Leadership challenges are purely coursework based, whereas Macroeconomics has an essay and an exam. The grades for my other three modules are solely based on the respective exams.

Without a doubt the most stressful exam will be the one for Contemporary Issues in Financial Reporting. It is a 20 credit module and consequently the exam in May/June will cover the content we have studied since September. I have started to write all my lecture summaries so I won’t have to worry about preparing those later on. Preparing your study materials can take a long time, so it’s better to do it on a regular basis – Being a final year student I know how stressful the exam revision can get when you don’t 😉

Spring break is only a few short weeks away and unlike in the past I won’t go home for the full three weeks but rather spend two weeks travelling in England. I will go to Germany for the first week and come back with my cousin, who is going to stay with me for a week. I will show her around Manchester and we’ll also visiting London, Windsor Castle and Chester. During the second week a friend of mine from High School will come to the UK for 5 days and we’ll be going down to Bristol, Bath and Brighton.


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