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This month I’d like to share with you some of the media I consume on a regular basis. They tend to my interests and fulfil my needs for new information, and I hope to some extent they do this for you too, although you may need to do some digging within the repositories to find what sparks you.

Firstly, I urge every reader who hasn’t already done so to get on to www.ted.com. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and their strap line is ‘”Ideas Worth Spreading” which involves people coming together in conferences the world over to listen to passionate people share their stories, experiences and research with the audience. There is also spin off conferences known as TEDx with the x = independently organised, which also provide equally incredible presentations given too by ordinary people to master minds of the Universe. The website as well as YouTube is bursting with incredible talks of on topics from the brain, to money, relationships and success. The presentations have also been adapted to radio episodes which you gain subscribe to on iTunes podcasts. I urge you to have a look on these, as you will discover things you never thought you would feel passionately for. And as well as that, you get to witness what make an exceptional presentation or speech, which if you are interested in becoming better at yourself, there is a book entitled Talk like TED, which I am currently reading and in that book the author has analysed hundreds of thousands of highly viewed and discussed TED talks to then provide the reader with ideal models and methods for presenting with conviction.

Secondly, if you feel you don’t really have time to read newspapers but are worried about not knowing enough about current affairs, then the YouTube channel “TestTube” is you’re perfect match. The channel posts 3 – 5 minute long videos multiple times a day, on specific topics in global affairs, such as conflicts in the middle east or Ukraine, the ebola outbreak to the shifting attitudes within politics and nations. No longer can you say you don’t have time to be clued up on current affairs.

Lastly, to end on a less serious note, a similar YouTube channel which is equally informative is DNews, although it’s agenda is completely different as it contains short videos that answer questions to somewhat random trivial question you have never thought to ask… which I guess can be a good conversation starter.

Hope you look in to those things, explore, think and enjoy your brains hunt for knowledge.



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