If last month has been all about travelling and celebration, this month has been about studying. I am afraid that there is not much to say as all I have been doing can be mostly described as routine.

I usually woke up really early in the morning, at around 7-8 am to go and revise for my exams. After having studied for about 6-7 hours, I would go home or out in the city for lunch and a bit of relax time. During evenings, I had been working for the University’s Careers Service as a DLHE telephone agent and thus, I usually got home from work at around 8, in time to have some dinner. I tried as much as possible to go to sleep before midnight so that I could get a good night’s sleep and be able to start my day early in the morning once again. In order to prevent boredom and procrastination, I sometimes went for a stroll when the weather allowed it and to the cinema.

I had 5 exams to take in May and 4 days between each of them to revise. The first has been the scariest one out of all 5: Foundations of Finance, but I am really glad that I could get rid of it and focus on the 4 remaining in the following order: Managerial Economics, Macroeconomics, Investment Analysis and Econometrics. I am happy to say that after so much effort to revise for all of these, I feel confident that my grades will be sufficiently high and therefore, I can have a peaceful summer with lots of fun and no thought of any resits.

I am looking forward to going back home for a few weeks, seeing my friends, spending some quality time with my parents and coming back to UK, this time to London, to start my summer internship at Barclays.


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I want to have my own business and initially work and focus on finance.

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