Exams, zorbing and indoor skydiving!


With the holiday spirit carefully dismantled, boxed up and placed back in the attic, there was no denying that it was time to face up to the ‘Course Content’ section of Blackboard!

Having taken the time to prepare a breakdown of each course and the most difficult topics, I was able to begin constructing a daily routine around these. I would greatly advise scheduling your revision with particular emphasis on areas that gave you the most trouble during the semester. Failing to prepare can lead to unnecessary stress, all nighters, caffeine sickness and cramming which ultimately might prevent you from reaching your greatest potential. I’m sure you knew that already though.

All three of my exams fell within the same week, beginning Monday, one again on Tuesday and the final on a Friday. You can see how lack of planning would have left me in a time strapped situation. The first exam was for the Management of Projects module, which I had thoroughly enjoyed throughout the term and involved us working in groups to draw up a very detailed report, using planning techniques such as Work Breakdown Structures and The Critical Path Method to document the proposed implementation of a given project. The exam required us to demonstrate our understanding of these techniques, by preparing and explaining them. The remainder was essay-based questions, that focused somewhat on the importance of the control tools, resource and risk management to name a few.

The second was for the e-Business & e-Marketing module. This was the one I was most concerned over. As you might imagine the area of study involves a vast variety of different business aspects, such as business & revenue models, customer relationship management, and marketing coupled closely with a key focus on commercial awareness and knowledge of current and future IT practices. This had been an optional module, which I certainly would never discourage anyone from doing as it provided an insight to the potential of the internet as a money-making tool, which both you or I could make thrive. The paper was entirely essay-based, and as soon as I read the first question my mind went blank. The structure and wording of the question had thrown me, but after a few moments my pen was blazing.

Finally the end was in sight! I would just have to sit the paper for Virtual Team Working. The class provided a psychological understanding of how people work together whilst demonstrating how working relations differ when established and maintained in a virtual context, such as video conferencing colleagues or emailing, which I found very interesting. The course entailed a lot of extra literature, but this did wonders for preparing for the exam. As the topic mainly focused on research theories and experiments, knowledge of the wider literature was crucial for tackling the exam which did require discussing particular studies and providing your own view on them.

With another revision season completed and exams results a very distant thought, it was only wise that I blew off some steam… at Chill Factore of course. We decided to go Zorbing down the indoor ski slope, which I didn’t get any photos of, but follow the link to check it out!!

We also went indoor sky diving at Airkix, which is also in Trafford. This has to be one of best things I’ve done in Manchester and has me all geared up to do a proper sky dive. Would highly recommend both of these!!!

Chill Factore

Chill Factore


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