Hey guys! Exams are over and it’s back to university


Hey guys! Exams are over and it’s back to university and back to 9 am classes. However, before the second semester started, a few friends and I managed to head to Glasgow for a short trip over the weekend. It’s my first time in Glasgow (everywhere I visit in the UK is basically my first time) and it was a great trip! A few places that we visited were Glasgow cathedral, Glasgow green, People’s Palace, Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow Necropolis and the city centre. It was a good break with great company.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

The next exciting thing about February was AMBS’s visit days! I was student ambassador for the visit days and my role was to conduct a campus tour, answer some questions and talk about my experience in the business school. It was a great experience and it reminded me of why I chose to come to Manchester last year.

Team Glasgow!

Team Glasgow!

In the same month, there were also my future fest going on in university and there were tons of events and workshops going on every day for 2 weeks (?) I went for some events, including signing up for EY cryptic campus and Mazars networking with the Accounting Society (free cupcakes and pizzas!!!). There was also a CV workshop and a commercial awareness workshop with the ICAEW on the last week of February.

weitan-cakes weitan-pizza

A final and most exciting update for me was that my application for PwC’s Women in Business programme has come to an end. I applied for a week long paid placement in December last year and like every other application, there was a lengthy process to go through. It started off with an online application, followed by an online psychometric test. If you are successful, they will arrange for a phone interview. The psychometric tests were not extremely difficult and the way to do it is to just practise, practise and practise! The telephone interview was competency based and the main focus is the 5 attributes they look for, the details of these can be found on their website.

After the telephone interview, they will invite you for an assessment centre. So I went down to Bristol in the middle of February for the assessment centre. In the assessment centre you are required to do a written exercise, psychometric tests, (20 minutes for 20 numerical questions & 20 minutes for 40 logical reasoning questions) and finally a group exercise. It was a great experience for me and I have learned so much through this. I am looking forward to the placement in summer 🙂


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